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WHAT'S ON AT BJC 2006?   


If you'd like to volunteer to run a workshop, please send an email to:

We need to know your name and what you'd like to run (obviously), plus any preference about the time (though we can't guarantee anything) and a brief description to go on the list (e.g. skill level required, whether you can provide equipment if it's a workshop for beginners, etc.).

View the workshop matrix or just peruse the Big Long List

Parachute and games for kids and adults - Ali Oops
Beginners club passing - Charlie Hull
3 balls blind behind the back (BBB) - Paul Taylor (Jugglingeek)
Kendama - Matt Hall
Cigar boxes - Matt Hall
4 ball tricks - Matt Hall
Performing for hobbyists - Matt Hall
1 diabolo vertax - Matt Hall
5 ball tricks - Matt Hall
Techniques for juggling 7 balls (aimed at people who have achieved 14 to 100 throws)- Tiff
Bridge - Ben Beever
Multiplexing in numbers juggling - Ben Beever
Plate manipulation - One plate (or beginners) - Nigel Roder
Plate manipulation - Multiple plates (or advanced + trick swap) - Nigel Roder
Beginners sharing/stealing 3 balls/clubs - Mini & Mamphy
Whipcracking for beginners - Pete Gamble (use of some whips, limited numbers tho)
Whipcracking - advanced - Pete Gamble (use of some whips, limited numbers tho)
Risk assessment for  Workshops and Performances - Pete Gamble
Compèring - Luke Burrage
Painless ring juggling
- Luke Burrage
4 clubs: beyond the fountain - Jason Perry
Takeouts in club passing
- Jason Perry
Hacky sack
- Andy Parry
Playing card memorisation - Guy G. How to memorise a shuffled deck of playing
cards.(bring a deck of cards if you have one)
Intermediate 3 club juggling - Jon Udry
Hat manipulation for advanced players- Dan the Hat
Hat manipulation for beginners - Mike Armstrong
Fire performance: good practice & special conditions for new Equity PLI- Paul Antonelli
Balloon modeling - Russell Wells
Combination tricks - Aaron Gregg
String tricks (trick swap and workshop) - Mini
Intro to Backgammon: essential basics - Mini
Rola bola: beginners and trickswap - Mini
Ball on parasol - Nigel and Mike (6 cheap parasols available at cost price - £3.50)
Ball multiplexing - beginner to advanced, grips and techniques - Daniel Marden
Teaching circus skills to kids: Ideas/trick swap - Mini
Pirouettes (360s) - basic pirouette technique - Norbi
Basic to intermediate corde-lisse -Steve Ryan
Beginners devilstick/flowerstick - Luke Browne
Devilstick handstick release tricks (Advanced) - Luke Browne
Snakeboard- Martin Millard
Nail in the nose. Nails provided, bring your own nose - Martin Millard
Double Staff workshop (intermediate) - Paul Antonelli
Poi spinning, intermediate trick swap - Lynx
Intermediate club passing - oldskool type throwing tricks - Derby Andys
Get started with 5 club tricks - Niels Duinker
Make and play your own didgeridoo - Mick Brazil (£2 entry to cover materials)
(TBC) 2 diabolos - Ryo Yabe
(TBC) 2/3 diabolos Ryo Yabe & Matt Hall
Injury/first aid/recovery (aimed at trapezers, acro-balancers and unicyclists) - Physiomonkey
Control/Stability (...for backs, necks & shoulders; improve control & avoid problems)- Physiomonkey
Massage (stiff necks aching shoulders and arms) - Barb Lewis
Astabga yoga (for aspiring acrobats & jugglers with tired shoulders & backs etc) - Dr Stephanie
Hand stand and acrobalance - Brett Swamp
First tricks with clubs - Graham Benson
Club multiplex tricks.(intermediate-advanced jugglers, 3 - 6 clubs) - Philipp Vermehren
3 Club backcrosses - beginner/int. B/Cs in single, doubles, & triples - Martin Richards
Advanced Devilstick: Trickswap - Adam Ferreira
Body Contact Devilstick (Intermediate-Advanced) - Adam Ferreira
(TBC) Creating Sudoku puzzles - Aidan Burns
(TBC) 4 person passing patterns - Tudor and friends
2 Diabolo Complete beginners - David L-H
Stand up comedy for beginners - David L-H
Basic bar flair (bring a can of deodorant to manipulate if you don’t have a bottle) - David L-H
Zen Wrestling - David L-H